Photo of Juliet Her '22

Juliet Her '22

Associate of Arts

Juliet Her will graduate from Donnelly College with her Associate of Arts degree in May 2022. She plans to continue her education to eventually go to medical school and become a doctor. Hear more of Juliet's story on our YouTube channel!

Why she wanted to go to college:

I've always really wanted to go to college. Ever since I was little, that was an immediate thing I always wanted to do - not just to go, but to finish. I know a lot of people in my family did go to college, but they never graduated - they dropped out. So that was always a go-getter plan for me.

Why she chose Donnelly:

I didn't actually know where I wanted to go. The pandemic just started for my senior year [of high school], and it was crazy. It was actually the counselor at my high school that suggested for me to go visit Donnelly. So I went to see what Donnelly College was about.

I thought Donnelly was the perfect fit. And Donnelly has this really amazing scholarship that I applied for and was able to get. I'm super thankful for that because it pays for a lot of my education here. Money is always a hard thing to swallow when you realize just how expensive it is. Donnelly has really helped me with that because it's given me more hope it terms of my education and what I can change it the world.